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Japanese Companies Case studies
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I Just arrived to Japan, seeking a full time job; in Japanese companies

Am a college new Graduate, Seeking an Industry sepcific Internship in Japan Need Case studies

Am Mid career proffessional, Want to relocate to Japan through full time job sponsorship. Need to find cross sector opportunities

Am already working in Japanese company but require skill up and get to know the complete industry Working model.

Am an Expat and employed in Foreign company of Japan branch, need to strike with edge in Japanese market.

Current college/ vocational institue programs in Japan does not provide clear specific sector /industry  outlook /trends and so on.

Struggling foreigner spent lot of money, time, energy and efforts to identify a opportunity that gives complete working knowledge before job start but not yet obtained comprehensive info.

Had a career break due to family reasons, want to comeback and join the work force in Japan

Am a start up person in Japan, Have scheduled an meeting with Top Tier company, Need to send appropriate email communication.

Am not a Native English or Japanese speaker, it is so hard to have a career in Japan with out employability skills other than language.

Need to send emails to seek appointment with japanese companies, need to overcome challenges of working with Japanese companies such as Nominication, nonpayment and many more.

Where do the career opportunities exist for foriegners in Japanese Companies especially the high paid jobs, non technical?

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March 15, 2018

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March 15, 2018

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